MUSUL Services

The Melbourne University Student Union Ltd (MUSUL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Melbourne which is governed by a board comprising University appointees and student representatives.

MUSUL also provides support to the student representative organisation, University of Melbourne Student Union Inc. (UMSU), through the provision of physical and corporate infrastructure.  MUSUL also provides finance and payroll services to the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and OH&S support to Melbourne University Sport.

MUSUL employs the staff working within UMSU and provides the following services to students, and their organisations including:

• Corporate Services (Finance, HR, OH&S, IT)
• Facilities and Infrastructure;
��� Commercial Services;
• Office of the CEO.

MUSUL embraces the policies and principles of equal employment opportunity and occupational health and safety.  MUSUL’s Mission and Vision can be viewed here.

MUSUL Services is a subsidiary of the University of Melbourne and is a registered charity with the Australian Charity and Not-for-Profit Commission, ACNC.

MUSUL Shared services